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Xenarc issue with ATI AIW 9600Pro

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  • Xenarc issue with ATI AIW 9600Pro

    I just received my 2 xenarc 7" LCD and installed them into my headrest. I have other composite LCD screens which are connected through the TV out of the ATI AIW 9600pro card. The 2 xenarc are hooked up by a VGA splitter, then to the video card. I set the resolution to 800x600, it shows up fine on the composite LCD screen, but on Xenarc it won't show the whole screen. For exmaple, part of the top and bottem. How can I set it so that they fit inside the screen ?

    Also when I set the resolution of my video card to 800x600, Xenarc will detect it as 800x480.

    In addition, there's ghosting on the xenarc. There is like a little shadow beside each character which made it blurry. Could it be my VGA extention or the splitter ?

    Lastly, after trying them out for a few hours, the Xenarc was very hot to the touch. Is this normal? Would this cause any problem?
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    You asked before trying it without the splitter? That would be my first guess!
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