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Help with pin outs of Intec LCD

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  • Help with pin outs of Intec LCD

    Hi All,

    I have trying to get help finding some information. I have traced out all the extra PCB that go with the Intec 5" LCD for the PSOne. This is what I have come up with:

    The orginal RGB from the PSOne connection is passed straight thru to the Multi A/V out. The composite video is what is sent to the PCB that is glued onto the back of the LCD. Seen here:

    The detached cable that goes to the socket on the right has 7 wires going in, and the the socket on the left has 10 coming out. I know the LCD controller for this model LCD (Casio CMV54NT04P) takes inputs of R,G,B and CSync. Its my theory that the change in the number of wires from the input to the output is the conversion of Composite video = 1 wire, into Red, Green, BLue and C-Sync which is 4 wires. the remain six are unchange.

    I need to know how I can test these wires to find Red, Green, Blue and C-Sync. Then I will just bypass this board, and connect the VGA circuit mod for the PSOne to this connector and we should then have a 3rd PSone screen that can to the VGA mod too.

    For anyone who is going to tell me to do a search, I have, no one has attempted to do the PSone mod to any Intec screen. Some have started too, but give up.

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    part number on the chip?


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      Thanks for the response, but I have since posted other thread and have made some progress on the Pinout for my LCD. The part number of the LCD controller board is MB87A144 and is a Casio chip. The part number for the chip on the board that you see in the picture above is IR3Y31M and is a Sharp chip. I would still be nice to have the data sheets on these two chips. I am still having trouble acquiring them. Thanks for the help.


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        gimme an email addy that can take a medium pdf
        remove the last numeral of my screen name and append
        rogers dot com(figure that one out-bots


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          I think I can handle the decypt of that one. I will try shooting off an email today that you can replay too.


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            OK, So I know I'm strange. I have this same LCD that came as an Xbox monitor. I don't really find the resolution to suit my needs, (Linux, web browsing) and I want to know if there's a way anyone can think to use the components to allow me to hook RCA inputs into it, and output to VGA for a Monitor. This way, I'd just drop the TV in my comp room, and use a 21in. PC monitor instead. Anything is better than 525 lines of resolution. Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.