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  • heads up display

    found this and thought it might be interesting to some one

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    ohh cool
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      ...available for under $100,000 depending upon quantities ordered...

      This one is going to need a major group buy!


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        i'll organize it for a meer 1% off the top


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          Thank you for your email.

          The MicroHUD product will be sold as an installed feature of future cars. This is necessary because the windshield is a critical part of the optical system, meaning installation requires careful alignment. Also, the windscreen needs to be of the "wedged" variety in order to reduce any ghost reflection due to the laminated nature of standard windscreens.

          Having said all of the that, the MicroHUD display is completely reconfigurable -- just like any computer display. Personally, I am looking forward to one day have a MicroHUD in my car simply to have an easy-to-read display of music and other information broadcast on satellite radio.

          Regards, Russell

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          From: Will Albers [mailto:[email protected]]
          Sent: Monday, October 04, 2004 11:04 AM
          To: Russell Hannigan
          Subject: More information...

          Many of us are playing with integrating computers into our vehicles (The carPuter concept). Are you planning on selling the unit and drivers separate from the PC control unit? This way we can load the software onto our already built carPCs and use your display as a way to display our vehicle and music information.

          All and all, a very cool idea.

          Will Albers

          Senior Analyst


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            Originally posted by specscheets
            Data input : SVGA format : Optical head unit reduces the resolution as required.
            erm... SVGA input... do I read EASE OF COSTUMIZATION???


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              Originally posted by ukchris

              ...available for under $100,000 depending upon quantities ordered...

              This one is going to need a major group buy!
              but that is for the evaluaton kit not just the hu display


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                don't you guys think it'll be easier just to put a ultra wide lcd screen in the dash rather than a HUD? like 10:1 aspect ratio screen.

                HUD is nice but come on. 100g's for it?


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                  maybe a graphics VFD on which you display reversed information??


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                    A VFD or LED display might work nicely. Actually, I've seen a commercial aftermarket HUD system for cars that did basically that. Forget what it was called though - I bet a little googling would find it.


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                      I found a link on this site to one that was being marketed as a basic speedo. It was not much more then an LED that was backwards.

                      Oddly enough, the company was selling them and then stopped marketing them (took them off the shelves) completely. I get the feeling that they couldn't get DOT approval and could no longer legally sell their product. Just my guess.

                      One of these days I'm gonna get bored enough to come up with something that actually works. Not today though. Too busy writing posts.
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                        Seems that the windshield would only be the projection surface and all that "careful alignment" is really nonsensical in any logistical sense, like making not only the HUD unit cost $$$ but also the windshield, but cuz this is a prototype of sorts, its a $100k cuz they dont make too many and once they actually produce 1000s upon 1000s the cost is just another option in any new car from a dealer. But a truly useful HUD for a carputer would simply be some sort of VGA device or whatnot that projects translucent images onto the windshield. Its not difficult im told, it and im sure youll find alot on luxury cars having HUDs.

                        I dont know the tech behind projecting onto clear glass a translucent image but in todays marketplace its either not far off, or already done.
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                          i have seen them on nissans,pontiacs ect. it uses a film of anti glare where you view the image. wouldnt seem too hard, just no bubbles.


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                            Just my 2 cents' worth, based on my research onto similar topic

                            There are 2 commercial system currently sell direct for this purpose

                            1. the one used in Hummer...., can't remember the name. they ship it together with their thermal imaging system. based on LED projection.

                            2. MicroHUD. based on laser projection system. only suitable for data projection.

                            NEITHER systems are within affortable range.

                            one pseudo HUD system is use by the intrument gauge company. It's not a true projection per se. THey use bright VFD with reverse display. However, it's a custom device that require their main unit to function.

                            I contacted both Matrix Ortibal and Crystalfontz regarding customised "flipped" VFD. both said no plan for production.

                            so... short of doing something drastic to my MO, i am stuck
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                              What about an arrangement that has the VFD reflected off a mirror, so the image is reversed and then reversed again on the windshield? Something with a lens in there somewhere to change the focal distance would be good too, so your eyes don't have to re-focus on the HUD, the image appears to be "floating" out in your normal field of view.
                              System status: in progress