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CCFL Invertor: lxm1643-12-62 Question

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  • CCFL Invertor: lxm1643-12-62 Question

    I just placed an order for an lxm1643-12-62 Spec Sheet (pdf) and for 3m's RES-10.4-PL8-0701 Touch Screen and RES4-USB-BRD.

    Anyhow, my question: for the CCFL inverter the lxm1643, does anyone know what kind of connector i would need to mate it to my allbrite's Dicon 1280FI Controller? I looked up the part number it listed for the connector and couldn't find anything. I'm assuming that the inverter i ordered will not come with any cables.

    I currently have one cable that connects from my controller to my 2 bulb inveter, so i figure i can just splice the thing to a cable that fits to the lxm i ordered.

    Also anyone know how many amps each CCFL on the allbrite requires? i can set it anywhere from 5 to 8, but i heard that if it's not at the right value it could reduce the life of the bulbs.