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My Lilliput Fuse Blew!!!!

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  • My Lilliput Fuse Blew!!!!

    Ok so Im not sure why since I did all the research and from what I read it sounded like the best way to power it was off of my computers power supply and that is what I did and it has worked for the last 6 months with no problems, until this last weekend. I was using it as usual when instead of going to sleep it seemed to turn off so I hit the on button and this worked fine. Then I shut it down and went inside for about 10 mins and came back out and it wouldnt turn on. So I read around today on the forums and found that there could be two problems one was the ribbon cable to the power buttons (not it) or the onboard fuse. So I tested the fuse and sure enough no power is getting beyond the fuse. So how could that of happened and how do I fix it.