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Xenarc Hardware question

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  • Xenarc Hardware question

    I have ed and found two schools of though for hardwiring a Xenarc 700TSV.

    1.) Cut of the cig adapter and splice it in to the cig outlet power cable, w/ an inline fuse (1.5W?) This would mean unregulated power, but some have mentioned that the Xenarc can handle that.

    2.) The cig adapter has a regulater built in, so don't remove that from the source of power. Somehow do the same as above, but keep the built in regulater inline.

    Can anyone clarify which one is better?

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    1 is correct. It accepts unregulated power, but donít forget the inline fuse.


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      You could also look at the 3rd school of thought and look at wiring to the 12V+ of the PSU
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        The cig adapter doesn't have a regulator built in. I opened one up some days ago.

        Mine is connected to a ignition wire, but I will connect it to the 12v rail of my opus, so it will shut off when the computer does (and and stays on if the computer is running, even with ignition off).

        The fuse should be 1.5 A and not W.

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          Ok, great. I intend to eventually hook it up the the computers, PSU or an opus, but I am doing a sort of "proof of concept" to see how the XENARC looks in my dash. I will be using my laptop for the first few weeks...

          Thanks for the help.