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  • Xenarc Touchscreen & Linux

    It uses a USB connector, but I don't see any people who have used it with linux for sure.

    I found this on Google Groups.

    It mentions, "The driver has been tested on a Xenarc 700TSV monitor with eGalax touchscreen." The driver seems to be for a USB touchscreen, so presumably Xenarc uses eGalax and linux therefore has support the beast?

    Can anybody confirm?

    Chris Jastram

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    I'm in the process of installing gentoo on the drive right now (just finished emerging a vanilla kernel). I have a xenarc screen on there, just haven't gotten to configuring the touch screen yet. I did 'Red Hat' on the CD though so I assume there should be linux drivers.


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      I think this patch is included in 2.6.7 kernels and higher. I know it is in the kernel because I have the module compiled and loaded on my system. It's located in the Device Drivers, USB support section and is called "eGalax TouchKit USB Touchscreen Driver".

      You also have to have the "Event Interface" loaded as a module or compiled into the kernel as the touch screen driver uses this interface to create a device to report position and button clicks to applications that use touchscreen input (in my case xfree86).

      Then, in XF86Config file you need to create an input device for the touchscreen interface. my device definition looks like this,

      Section "InputDevice"
      Identifier "touchscreen0"
      Driver "evtouch"
      Option "Device" "/dev/input/event**insert yourdevice number here**"
      Option "DeviceName" "touchscreen"
      Option "MinX" "1950"
      Option "MinY" "100"
      Option "MaxX" "110"
      Option "MaxY" "1830"
      Option "DragTimer" "200"
      Option "MoveLimit" "600"
      Option "ReportingMode" "Raw"

      I don't remember what all the options do exactly I but can tell you that I had to calibrate my touchscreen by trial and error. Basically change min/max X/Y values save and restart X until you are happy. There may be a better way of doing this, but I haven't found it. Also, don't forget to include the line

      InputDevice "touchscreen0" "SendCoreEvents"

      in the "ServerLayout" section of the XF86Config file. I'm not sure if you need the "SendCoreEvents" option in there though.

      I know there are a couple of sites that describe in detail how to set things up. I just never bothered to save them so if you run across them can you post the urls to this thread?

      good luck

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