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  • LILIPUT 7" LCD screens

    Hi guys, after lurking in the shadow for a bit I've decided to post. I'm currently deciding weather to buy a LILIPUT or not for my carputer. It seems that EVERYONE and i do mean EVERYONE is having problems with their LILPUT screens in some way, I know its the cheapest touchscreens and thats why I'm putting major consideration into it.
    I even e-mailed and this is what I got
    "> I also have another question regarding the calibration problem that seems
    > be happening with your 7" touchscreens. I found out about you guys in
    > site, but everyone seems to be having a lot of trouble with your screens.
    > Has the problem been resolved? Here is the link.

    WIth the response
    "Those should be problems with the earlier versions. The
    latest version should be fine."

    Here's my question, how many VERSIONS are there? I was not aware of the different versions.
    If there are differnt versions then can you list the problems and the versions you have on your LILput screens I think we should have a separate FAQ sticky for the LILput glitches and solutions.

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    It's actually not the cheapest touchscreen. There's another one which is actually sold here it's the SP7. It's not the brightest screen judging by nits but it's cheaper.


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      I have got two,

      my first was bought of ebay a while ago. This had bit of a shakey picture. this was taken apart and put back together again many times while I was trying to fit it into my dash. anyway it lasted about 3 weeks and now it goes funny when putting VGA into it (this has a 9 pin mini din connector.)

      My second was bought because I knew I would have a problem with the first especially after taking it apart so many times. this was bought from about 2 months ago. This is now installed and seems fine. been installed for about a week now. (this has a 10 pin mini din connector.)