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  • Lilliput Cable Extension

    Hey guys I Got The Lilliput 7" VGA TS From

    I bought a MiniDin9 Cable From To Extend The Lilliput's Cable To Reach My Trunk From The Front...

    Well My Problem Is That The Cable FROM The Screen TO The Extension Would Plug In, But The Cable FROM The Extension TO The Lilli Cable Going To VGA And USB Ports Would Not Fit Together

    I Realized That The Cables Had A Difference Of One Pin!!! Is This How It Is Suppossed To Be... Are The Lilli Cables Suppossed To Have 10 Pins?? And If So, Then Why Is The Lilli Extension Being Sold On This Site Having 9 Pins??
    Debating on installing a carpc in my Jeep.....

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    i did the same thing...the new lilliputs have 10 pins and the older ones use 9 pins...i gave mine to my dog as a chew toy


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      Also, that typing style (Where You Capitalize Each Word) is annoying. Consider not doing it for readability please.
      Chrysler 300 - Fabricating


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        sorry bout the typing style... it has become habit for most things... i try not too

        and if only i had a dog lol
        Debating on installing a carpc in my Jeep.....


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          Ah yes, the ol' lets change the goalposts ploy.

          I have an old Lilliput for which I had made a nice 9-pin extension, all installed in the car, then I purchased a new lilli (old one was worse for wear after too many taking aparts and putting back togethers again) and lo and behold it now has 10-pin connectors.

          and can I find the bits to make up an extension, let alone an already made lead. NO!

          had to bite the bullet and run VGA and USB extensions. Now working all OK.


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            The cable’s product description says the following:
            This will only fit older 7" Lilliput touchscreens sold on before 9/7/04. The newer connector with a screw on connector will not work with this cable. It will not fit the non touchscreen VGA Lilliput monitors. It will fit the 8" Lilliput touchscreens sold on