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Possible (theoretical) BIOS fix for 800x480 on Intel Extreme Graphics?

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  • Possible (theoretical) BIOS fix for 800x480 on Intel Extreme Graphics?

    If you have or are looking at a board that uses the Intel 852/855GM, 865G, 845G, 910G and 915G, chipsets with the onboard Intel Extreme Graphics video, this may interest you.

    Let me first say that this post is going to be entirely theoretical in nature - I don't yet have a board based on this chipset, but I may very well have one in the next few months.

    The board I've been looking at, for reference:

    Here's the issue with 800x480 on most boards - the video BIOS doesn't (may not) support it natively, possibly due to the OEM not customizing their video bios image.

    While checking out the latest video drivers for this chipset, I found that they included what appears to be the video bios binary file, as well as scripts that control what options are visible in the BIOS screens, and utilities to modify those binary files.

    It appears that the option script for the Chrontel 7017 LVDS transmitter chip has options for specifying custom LCD panel width, panel height, panel dot clock (frequency), among many other complex options.

    There are also script files for the main bios options as well.

    To check out the scripts:

    Download Intel's video driver set:

    Extract the file contents with WinRAR to a directory.

    Look for the zip files starting with vbios*.*, such as, and extract those to seperate directories.

    The *.bsf files are the text option script files.
    The *.vbt and *.dat appear to be the binary bios images.

    It's possible that the mtg_3360.dat file is a complete system bios image, with all the OEM options available, but I have no real way of verifying that.

    The mtg_3360.bsf file is the text option script file for the main BIOS, and the ch7017_LFP_3360.bsf file is the option script for the LVDS Flat Panel transmitter.

    It's possible that you might be able to use this bios image, or modify an existing bios image, to enable more options in the BIOS for 800x480 LCD support.

    At this point, I don't know for sure.. but it might be a possibility.

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    I'd help out, but I have no idea what to do with these files. I have onboard Intel Extreme Graphics on my FIC Cube. If somebody could get this to work, it'd save me the hassle of having to get a separate vid card.
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      Apparently, there's a program out there from Intel called the Bios Modification Program (BMP) that lets OEMs do exactly what it sounds like - modify the binary BIOS image files without needing to have the source code to the BIOS.

      I'm going to see if I can track it down tonight.


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        Additional info:

        The Commell LV-671 apparently uses an Award BIOS.

        There's a tool called CBROM that lets you combine component BIOSes (such as VGA, NIC, SCSI, etc) into a system bios file.



        My guess is that once you combine the updated VGA bios file into the system bios file, you can re-flash the board with the modified BIOS.

        But what if you don't have an image of the current (or latest) bios to modify?

        Simple, run the AWDFLASH utility with the right options to create a BIOS image file from the chip itself.


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