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text on flip down 12.1" lcd

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  • text on flip down 12.1" lcd

    does anyone have experiance with flip down 12" lcd's?? how is the text? i know that video will be good, but is it like the 6"-7" lcd as far as text(blurry)??

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    what signal type are you talking abou? if its VGA you'll be fine...
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      im talking bout the regular rca flip downs. i thought, since its bigger, it might not have the same prob as regular, non vga 7" lcds(blurryness).


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        It'll be worse....dont do it. Xenarc has a nice flip down 7" VGA.
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          the problem with text is that your source needs to be mapping the signal on a pixel to pixel ratio... so if you run 800x600 on a xenarc or lilliput 7" you can expect horrible quality, but if you scale back the resolution to the true 800x480 you will not believe your eyes...

          this is true on high def televisions too, a 480p signal looks great on a 480p screen (technically called "Enhanced Def")... and that same signal is actually degraded when shown on a 720p screen, because the screen is forced to interpolate the data, which was already done once by the video source...

          so point being if you want sharp text on your large screen, just run the source in the screens native resolution and your text will look it's best...
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