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Killer egg ?!?! or no? - everyones input please

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  • Killer egg ?!?! or no? - everyones input please

    i have just gotten my lilliput and i read some horrendous posts about the egg (Cigarette lighter plug thing).

    should i refrain from ever using it?

    talk about your experience.. and how long you've used it on your lilliput before something happened... (or never hapened?)

    until then i will leave my lilliput alone


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    what's wrong with the egg? I've been using mine for about 4 months with no problems...


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      I plan to use the 12v from my Opus but haven't wired it yet. My egg has worked fine for at least 7 months.
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        My egg has been working great for ~6months.
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          And as I said before mine has been working for ~4-5 months.
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            my egg worked fine no problems for 3 months, then i switched to a 12V from the opus.


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              I dont know what could go wrong with the thing. Where are these horrible posts you speak of? It's just a little 12V linear regulator. and two capacitors -- that's it!

              If it fails, it's not going to fail closed and feed your lilliput the raw voltage from the cig lighter socket (14V+).. Most likely it will overheat and fail to an open circuit. I'd trust it to work without hesitation. Your screen might power off during cranking, etc, but that's no problem. Also do not hook the 12V output from a computer power supply through it. A computer's PSU is already regualted, and passing it through the regulator in the egg will probably result in the screen getting too low of a voltage.
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                oh- sorry for the scare. one post on this site ... the guy's fuse went bad and stuff blah blah and all these ppls (people) started talking about how their egg did it, and how their egg fried their lilliiput and holy crap it scared the crap outa me!

                lets hope it was a case study (simply one or two anecdotes of events)


                thx for the feelings of security- appreciate everyones input- thx!


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                  As a "regulator" IMO it doesn't do a very good job. You still get fluctuations in the brightness, you still get interference on the screen.

                  Wire up the screen to the regulated output of your Carnetix/Opus, and then this is the best thing to do with the "egg"

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                    ooh wow. cool thanks.
                    as of now im just using the 12V 2-brong DC that is meant to plug into your house wall...... i plug that into a power brick converter thingee. and that power brick goes into my cigarette plug.. i guess i was just afraid of the "rotten" egg

                    thanks for that crazy info.


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                      If that's how you're powering it (i take it you've got a case with a 60W DC-DC power supply already (probably made by Travla or Morex) then get yourself a Carnetix CNX-P1260, it will really make your CarPC much better

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                        my "egg" left me with mucho noise, when i removed it, so much of the lines in screen and noise to speakers were reduced. around 80 percent, of course the rest was solved using a ground on the VGA cable.
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                          I'm going for one of these to regulate power for my display:

                          Add filter caps, toss a TVSS across the input power and ground, and it's set...(I only pretend I know what I'm talking about, trust me...this is one of the easiest power supply modules I've ever seen...I've been designing one based on a MAX772 and it's a PITA)
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