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Help with lilliput parts!

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  • Help with lilliput parts!

    I was wondering if you guys have the following parts for our well known lilliput:
    -screws for the back cover
    -plastic eye (in front of the remote control sensor)
    -ribbon cable
    -plastic piece that holds the ribbon
    Thanks so much for your help!!
    Here are some pics (borrowed from digitalww):

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    For the ribbon cable see in the old printer inject



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      search and you can find it, you just gotta search hard. The clip can be replaced with a toothpick. The ribbon cable can be purchased from but he is always out of stock. You can also get it from that is where i got mine. I posted the part # in an earlier post, just search for it. Or you can PM me i got some extras, since digikey requires you to make a minimum purchase.


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        Originally posted by netboy
        The clip can be replaced with a toothpick
        Toothpick? how?
        Thanks for your help!


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          Originally posted by BUGNESS
          Toothpick? how?
          Thanks for your help!
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            just stick the toothpick in the little loop hole thingy so it puts pressure on the ribbon. It can only go one way you can figure it out