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    are most lcd displays capable of vga, even if they dont have a vga input? is there a simple way to wire vga to lcd boards? im asking cause i got a cheap 7" lcd (they sell it at walmart but i got it for way less - ) and i took it apart and started examining the cables and board.

    also, laptop displays are cheap on ebay, for just the lcd, has anyone ever tried wiring this for a direct vga input or maybe dvi?

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    Well, what did you find when you took it apart?

    Use of the display is dependent on the controller card capabilities.

    Most laptops have a controller card that is usually integrated onto/into the motherboard which makes the display useless unless it is connected to the specific motherboard.
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      if you wana see what i found, check it out:


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        Originally posted by fuctup
        if you wana see what i found, check it out:

        Where did you get this? How much? Specs???


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          they sell em at walmart, check the link, i got mine almost free, but i dont know how to make it vga...


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            brave man - i had a motorised one i wanted to do...... sold it and went to DigtalWW


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              as far as i know lcds are cheap, its the controllers that are expensive, generally it will save you a lot of headache and money just buying something like a lilliput or a xenarc

              there are frequently threads on this, i think this is the latest one:

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                people are now using old laptop lcd's without controller cards...
                check or, as i don't have the direct link
                some russian / german dude was the 1st to do it (publicly afaik)

                anyway, involved an old video card, and only gave out 16colours.
                better than nothing, and considering you can get old laptop screens and cards virtually free, would be an el cheapo route.

                it did involve a LOT of luck and screwing around to find a pinout for the particular lcd however.