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    Hi everyone first post so hope it proves fruitful!

    A couple of years ago I picked up a 5" LCD unit from a Landy/BMW navigation system, not sure of model. Since then I've been fiddling on and off to reverse engineer the connections. The LCD is a Toshiba unit TFD50W41A which is being controlled by a NEC board. The chassis it is mounted in has two connectors on the rear a 12 pin and 14 pin. I think the 12 received the RGB inputs and ground with corresponding seperate grounds for each channel (probably from the navigation unit). The 14 pin connector carries a positive plus several other signals. These are the problem, anybody point me in the right direction for reverse engineering these with respect to applying voltages as I obviously don't want to fry anything!

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    Well id have to see the LCD to work out what traces go to what

    But when you find the Power for the LCD u wont harm the LCD if u try all the pins with the video signal just make sure to check if there is voltage on any of the pins with a multi meter before u do anything.

    The LCD would be a RGB input with seperate Sync line if i remember right.

    Once the Power to the LCD is sorted then you have the easy part of hooking the video signal up
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      Thanks for the quick reply, settled my nerves a bit. Hooking up the power has proved straight forward but I need to work on getting the backlight up and running - fancy using six white wires!! I feel an image is gonna be of some help here so I'd better dust of the digcam!!


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        Okay, a couple of images. The white connector I'm assuming carries the RGB as the signal trace connects to the 3 filter circuits on the left. The grey connector, as well as power, connects to the 6 pin white plug on the right which can be seen going to the top right of the main PCB. Somewhere in here is the backlight signal control but I'm unsure of what to apply safely to turn them on. The chip to the left of this plug on the board is NEC proprietary so finding info is difficult, I'm guessing an op-amps!?
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