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idea on temp/direction/gas

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  • idea on temp/direction/gas

    In my parents van(2000 doge caravan)they have a overhead unit that displays: temp/direction,current mpg,how many miles left on the tank,and i tihnk one other. I have also(sry cant find any of course)have seen these little screen that display temp and diretion(n,e,s,w) and threr just little screen and wondering if a could get a little screen mount it some where(gauge bezel)and the some how send current direction/ temp. There are endless possibilites such as sending(headlight on/off,door locks locked/unlocked)and so on and so forth. just wandering if anybody think this might be possible to have this and running realtime no delay.
    comment, suggestion
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    It is possible to have the temperature show up on a computer...easily with a thermo couple or interfacing a temperature probe with said computer. Keep in mind that you will need software/graphic interface to get the appropriate screen...anything is possible with enough money and time


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      Hook up an LCD character display to the parallel port; there's various sizes of displays, and plenty of drivers that support them. If there's a spare temperature sensor input on the mobo, you can connect a thermistor to that
      If you need more inputs, or to read voltages, the Labjack USB box has 8 analog inputs for around $100.