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Lilliput Touch screen doesn't work - is it drivers or defective?

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  • Lilliput Touch screen doesn't work - is it drivers or defective?

    I purchased a 7" lilliput touchscreen brand new from a seller. When it arrived the monitor portion appears to work for VGA. After downloading the newest drivers, installing them, and plugging in the USB cable, Windows XP says that it detects the touchscreen and installs the drivers successfully. When I touch the screen nothing happens. It's as if nothing is connected. Could I be doing something wrong or is the unit just defective? If so, does anyone know how to exercise the warranty? Please help! I am pulling my hair out here. Has anyone run into this situation?

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    i don't actually have a lilli, but i know that there is some sort of configuration/calibration that you have to do. try control panel - display devices and go from there


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      I am running into the same problem as yours. However, my unit was working when I got it, it worked for 2 weeks or so then it stopped working. I thought it was the drivers but I dont think so because I reinstalled windows several times. Used the same drivers when it worked and it still doesn't work. I guess there is something inside that is loose. Since you got yours just recently, email the guy you bought it from. Or send it to and see if Armen can help you out.

      He said that he could check mine out, but since I live in Ecuador (South America) getting it back will be a problem since they might charge me tax and shipping will be expensive.

      Good luck


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        Maybe IF you hit the search button you might find some answers. USE THE DAMN TOOL ITS THERE FOR A REASON.