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help with 9 pin connector

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  • help with 9 pin connector

    From what I've been able to tell my LCD has a 9-pin Mini DIN connector.

    It's a durabrand LCD from the dual monitor kit sold at Wal-Mart, It was a partial theft recovery and the person stealing it got away with the DVD player, the cables and the other monitor, so I had the oportunity to buy just the monitor for 20 bucks.

    I need to know if it's possible to get an adapter or make this work with my computers VGA output, it's S-Video, or even a cheap DVD players RCA outs.

    I don't really care to have the sound from the built in speakers, or the ability to use the built in IR remote port. If possible I would rather gut the LCD from the housing containing all of that and only use the screen.

    Thanks if anyone can help me figure out how to get this working.

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    you did not mention male or female. but that doesn't mater since nothing else would work with it other than the original equipment.
    what you should do is to open the case, trace the wires and attempt to identify the function of each, most likely you would have 2 for power, 2 for audio and 2 or 4 for video (2 for composite - 4 for s-video)

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      Thanks but...

      Thanks, and it's female but since that doesn't matter, how do I figure out what wire is what when I'm inside the housing?


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        try calling "durabrand" and ask to purchase a replacement cable
        - Vorex Out


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          But I don't have the dvd player I still need to know what to splice into where, right?


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            I found the pinouts!!

            Now what kind of video signal do I put into the video input?
            Would RCA work, the prong is signal and the outside is ground, right?
            (Am I right that it wouldn't be S-video cause that's 4-prong?)

            I found the cable for six bucks, to cut and splice.

            Side note: When I found the cable I also found replacement screens, if I ordered this screen it would be $150 so I'm still up by $124 if I can get it to work. So I figure even at 6 inches I got a decent deal.

            Thanks for any help you can give...
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              RCA would work, the prong is Video and the outside is video ground, straight forward mapping, you got it.

              Listen up, if it is going to give you hard time I'll be welling to save you the headache, I will take it for $25 + shipping


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                I lost the pinout for this after my hard drive toasted itself, good thing I could find my old post : ) hopefully it helps someone else out as well.

                I did get 2 cables for 5 bucks (leftovers from another theft), anyway thanks for the help...


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                  Thanks for the tips

                  I picked up a Durabrand 7" LCD screen at a thrift store, and was having a difficult time finding the pinouts for the socket.

                  With your diagram, I now have the display working!

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                    @bigrobb : thanks for your diagram, shud work with my necvox lcd...

                    great post!


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                      Hi, I've searched high and low for any info on this subject - seems to be few and far between.
                      I've got a similar problem, I've got a 7" United lcd (off a car kit) which needs a 9-pin mini-din in...I'm an electronics noob

                      I can see where they all connect to on RCA cables except for the Mute, Remote, and Ground?