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display colour change?? (green bulbs?)

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  • display colour change?? (green bulbs?)


    Bit of a funny one this and not really sure if this is the best place to post!

    Well i've a Landrover discovery which i'm preparing for a trip to morocco next year. I've got nearly all the extra gadgets i want such as gps run off my laptop but i also have added a CB and extra spot light switches! the CB display and back light of the switches are orange and dont match the green speedo of the car. I've taken the CB and a switch apart to find that the limunination light bulbs have got a orange coloured boot on to change the normal white light to orange etc.

    Anyway does anyone have a idea where i might get some of these boots (in green!) so i can change to colour so everything matches up?
    If not any other ideas how i could solve this minor but all important problem?

    Thanks Mark

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    get a green texta or sometimg and colour the bulbs green


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      Green lacquer, maybe. Some kind of paint that lets light through.


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        you will need to verify the diameter and lenght of the bulb though
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          Cheers for the links exactly what i'm after.

          Popped into local model shop today and they have translucent paints which should work! Bought some and hopefully do some tests first to make sure they give good light and dont burn the paint!

          Will fed back what i find

          Thanks again MArk