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what does the back of the XENARC TSV look like?

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  • what does the back of the XENARC TSV look like?

    Ok, this may be an odd question but i just recieved the empty casing for a xenarc and i plan to mold it into my explorer bezel(almost done, ill have pics later) i plan to order a xenarc TSV with the extra RCA inputs and im curious where the RCA inputs are. The back of this particular xenarc has a VGA input area and a DC opening but nothing else. how will the TSV be different? Thanks

    Here are some shots of my ride, be sure to scroll all the way down:

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      Wow.. This is very ironic.. I just got a Xenarc TSV yesterday.. I had a Lilli but replaced it with it. The Xenarc's back has just the power plug and display input adapter. It's different then the Lilli. The cable that comes w/ the Xenarc plugs into the back and then has the regular VGA, USB, 2 Composite, and I believe an audio input?

      Also, my Lilli fit right into my bezel but the Xenarc was VERY hard to get into the bezel. I had to sand down both sides to get it snug.. I hope you took A LOT of pics of your bezel because I will have the same exact one (2003 Ford Ranger). If you could... Email them to me or IM me to talk about how you did it and what to look out for. I plan on molding mine in as well.

      AOL: tscott4023

      Hope that helps and hope to hear from you!
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