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Lilliput resolution problem

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  • Lilliput resolution problem

    Hi all.... I've had my carputer up for a couple months now and I am still stumped on my issue with resolution. My laptop is running a resolution of 800x600 and everytime I reboot my laptop the lilliput says I'm over range. If I cycle the power on the lilliput, it works!! I've been doing this for a couple of months now and it starting to annoy me =( Anybody have a solution for this? I can see windows XP booting up, but once the resolution changes the lilliput displays the message. Thanks all.

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    hmm, what's your refresh rate set at?
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      Got it setup for 60Hz for the laptop lcd resolution, and 72Hz for the external vga. Think it might be too high?


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        That's odd... it supports 75, so 72 shouldn't be a problem. Why don't you just change the refresh rate to something the lilliput likes ?!?
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          Not sure what it likes... what do you think is the best rate for the lilliput? Think that's my problem?