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  • touch screen driver

    hello. new member here. just bought a new lcd with touch screen. having problems installing the driver on my home computer to see if it works. i looked on and it looks like it's the same company and such as the 7 inch touch screen kit on there. the version touchkit disc i have is v3.1.5.

    the problem is the computer freezes when it tries to install/configure com port 3. does anyone have any advice or a copy of a different version of the driver?? i am running xp sp1. thanks.

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    oh, it seems they have a download section on that site, trying it now hope it works...


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      just downloaded it and tried to install that, still freezes, when xp asks me if i still want to install even though the driver is not digitally signed... any ideas??


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        dont know if this will jelp but for me when i install my drivers for my lcd, i unpack the folder put it on my desktop and point windows to that folder and take it from there and not let the driver folder with the .exe do it. hope that makes sense dont know if that will work for u but hopefully it will.
        ..and dont back out just because u think its too crazi , i hate pussies

        epia m1000,256mb ddr,7"lilli,120gb hdd, Ati remote wonder,400watt inverter,350psu all under xp pro-installed


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          still nothing, the touch screen utility program will install, but it errors out when i try to add the controller, it tries to find it first on com 1 and then says it finds it on com 3 and i try to add it, but then it freezes. not sure what to do...


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            fixed! someone else recently had this prob too... they found an updated driver.



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              alot of people had that problem... the updated driver page is listed at the top of the lilliput faq...