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Psone screen timings.

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  • Psone screen timings.

    Ive just acquired a Geforce 2 MX 64mb card to go with my 5" thrustmaster PSone LCD.

    I have gotten most of the timings fine. The picture is stable, clear and fullscreen, apart from one little thing.
    The top half of the screen is on the bottom and vise versa.

    It seems the 3 fields in powerstrip that will help this matter is the vertical front and back porch, and sync width.
    I managed to play with these settings to get a stable picture that is the right way round, but that leaves a 1cm gap at the bottom. Now I have read that a card that does not have c-sync causes this. I thought Geforce 2's did? And the box in powerstrip wasn't greyed out. Is there a thing I have to select to use c-sync mode?


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    Ok well the C-sync option in advanced timings screen is greyed out (but not interlaced) this shouldn't matter should it?


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      Can i ask, what did you connect up to the csync pin on the PSOne display?

      If the C-sync option is greyed out, it's not available on that card. You should check that to enable composite sync... Afaik most nVidia cards don't have this capability.


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        That's pin 6 Im assuming you're talking about? As in mpro's diagram, its connected to h and v sync as well as green signal via a 270r resistor.

        Annoying, as several people have said geforce2 mx's have c-sync?


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          Simple things.
          I just switched the screen from NTSC to PAL, or vise versa (Dont know because I threw the LCD case with the markings on it out) and now the gap is more of a 3mm gap, which is livable.
          Still, not the best image quality. Can barely read system clock on large fonts.