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  • Car PC and LCD searching

    Alright...I'm kind of new to car LCD's and computers and such so I need some help/advice. I want to get an LCD for my car that doesn't suck, yet doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. I'm poor. Preferably 7".

    Now, I've heard some things about car computers getting condensation on them and all that. Is there a good way to instal a car PC in a car with subs and not have the computer condense up, rattle loose, or any other things like that.

    I could use all the advice I can get. Thanks


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    Regarding the LCDs, there is SO much information about the different 7" LCDs that people are using that it's not even funny.

    Regarding condensation, what have you heard, and where? At one point, I think you're talking about water condensing because of weather, but then you start talking about sub rattling things loose. Explain exactly the phenomena you're trying to ask about.
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      Well, if the computer gets real cold, then heats up, then gets cold again, it can't be good on it. As for the subs, I had wanted to put the computer in the trunk, but the bass prolly isn't good for it either.

      Also, what are some good brands of LCDs?


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        There are three tipes of LCDs that people on this board are mainly using:
        1) The Lilliput, which if you're a lucky man, you could get one that work fine; also a cheaper solution...
        2) the Xenarc, expensive but more reliable...
        3) a new monitor from Linitx; you can find a very good review made by Confused, on his site,

        As for the condensation or the rattling, don't worry; it works fine...
        Another ideea would be to check the store...good prices too...
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          There is a forum called LCD Displays, check there for feedback

          Xenarc seem to be the best
          Lilliput was second but some are having headaches and looking for alternatives now
          LinITX is new on the scene and is being reviewed

          Check out the forum you can get what you need there, too much to type and go into detail.

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