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Question about my Scenic Mobile 750AGP Laptop!!

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  • Question about my Scenic Mobile 750AGP Laptop!!

    I got a lttl question: Ive got a Siemens Nixdorf Scenic Mobile 750AGP Laptop, one from the older days I want to use the laptop tft with a normal PC.
    This facts i found after a google search, but dont really know if there are right.
    S26391-F212-V300 (TX31D62),449,,HITACHI 12.1 TFT LEA XGA IN SIEMENS CASE
    These lines are printed on the display:
    NEC 14.1" TFT
    P/N S26391-F212-V400
    ebay pic:

    And u can get a docking station for this one! Can i solve the problem with the missing controller (Or can u name me some links to get one!?) with this docking station?

    Some help would be great!

    PS: Ive got another Siemens Laptop, a newer one this time:
    Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook E-6560
    Lifebook E-6560
    At the bottom of the Laptop:
    ABN: K93-V190-634
    THX in advance! Mc.

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    saw some other thread about the same thing, but the answers were that the controller chip (most likely) is integrated in the graphics card, and that would not be easy to get to work in your other computer...

    Good luck!


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      A new 14" desktop LCD would be cheaper and in all ways better then trying to mod your laptop LCD. Developer (I am Chuck)
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        God of CPU, Nice website.