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Lilliput Touchsceen Controller (USB) Stops Responding...??

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  • Lilliput Touchsceen Controller (USB) Stops Responding...??

    Hello. I have the 7" Lilliput installed in the truck. I have it all wired up and working pretty good, except for a small silly little problem thats annoying. Since I do not have the ITX computer to install in the truck yet, I am using my laptop. I plug the touchscreen USB cable into the laptop and it works fine. After leaving it alone for a while the touchscreen stops working. I press anywhere and it's like the system doesnt respond. So I unplug the USB plug, then computer plays the "Hardware Disconnected" sound (kinda like a beep-boop). I plug it in and it goes boop-beep to signify hardware connected, then it all works fine for a little while and the process will repeat. Any ideas? I got the new stereo hooked up today and the screen installed on a relay (for the IGN), and all is great. This is not a new problem, I am just now trying to fix it...

    I was thinking that maybe its an issue with the laptop going into some sort of a power-save mode if the touchscreen doesnt send data for a few minutes, but I don't think it can even do that.

    Any ideas? Thanks! -Brett W

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    Probably it is in power saving mode. Why don't you double check that?
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      I dont know where to look to find that setting. Can you recommed where I should look for it in the laptop? My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite 1115-S103 if that helps. That does sound like a possible solution though... Although it does it even when I have it plugged in inside the truck. I have one of those car/airline power adapters that I use. Thx! -Brett W