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Pioneer AV Headunits... a tip

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  • Pioneer AV Headunits... a tip

    Just a tip for anyone else with Pioneer A/V headunits (specifically AVH6x00/7000 series) in europe....

    If you're using composite video (RGB may be possible, but you'll most likely have to hack the proprietry Pioneer Nav system cable) then set your car pc to output in NTSC format, you'll find that the image display is *much* better and actually fits right to the edge of the screen without messing with the A/V unit stretch mode buttons.

    I finished installing the new speakers and amps today and took my Espresso across to the garage to try it out: the native Pal60 mode I use for in the house looked absolutely terrible on the headunit... I tried all sorts of settings; overscan/no-overscan, flicker reduction etc... in the end I chaned to NTSC-M and the display was far sharper.
    Bizarre, as the Xbox used composite too, and its display was perfect right from the start.

    Just something to bear in mind.
    -= Supra Twin Turbo MK4
    -= Lotus 7 replica
    -= Escort MK1 with 2.0 16v XE
    -= Xbox-Linux-in-car-system (v1)
    -= EspressoPC, 256Mb, 40Gb, WinXP (v2)
    -= Pioneer AVHP6400 6.5" headunit, MEHP9100 MD/CD, CDXP1230, Infinity Reference 605cs/6502i & 2x RA7502