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Ibm laptop using external lilliput

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  • Ibm laptop using external lilliput

    OK i have had my carputer set up for some time now, and i just starting getting some strange display problems. When i come out of hibernation it shows the normal windows is resuming screen, then when its finally restored to running it shows FP then an hour glass then the screen goes blank. First couple o times i just thought it went back into hibernation, so rebooted the puter and it rectified itself. I then realized that it wasnt going into hibernation, it was still running and if i waited long enough it would display the image on the lilliput, but the image will not be centred or will not take up the full 7" it will take up ~5". Again if i reboot it will usually restore to the proper display, also if i hit fn and F7 and play around with the display it will eventually come back. Thanks for even reading this, appreciate any help