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Allbrite help (again)

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  • Allbrite help (again)

    Well as i ranted in off topic, a few days ago I got my allbrite back in the mail broken, the LCD was smashed. So after sulking and studying for a final I think I am ready to pick up and go on....

    Now, I took it all apart and removed the NL8060BC26-17 LCD. Everything came apart very easily and it looks like I could slip another panel in there as long as it is the same size and basic shape. Has anyone replaced just the panel before? I saw some talk of it in the "High bright LCD" thread, but it looked as though the idea was abandoned because the nec was a good panel and there was no need.

    Also will another NEC screen in the NL8060BC26 series with a 41 pin hirose connector work? I found a NL8060BC26-12, but I am having trouble finding a spec sheet on it. Form the pictures I found it looks about right but it is still in its standard housing. The one I am looking at came out of a IBM laptop.

    Will any LCD with a 41 pin horse work as far as not having to change the pin outs on the cable? (I realize I have to see if my controller work with it and then make it fit in the allbrite housing.

    BTW my controller is a Digital Display AG EPAP-200C I have also seen this controller referred to as a Signet EPAP-200C Not sure if the company changed names or got bought out. Anyway i found a spec sheet here

    Also anyone know if this assembly is specific to the allbright setup? I would imagine it is and that its purpose to raise the board to make room for the backlight setup. A normal LCD would not come with this but it looks like all I would have to do is use the extender piece?
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