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Problem with Lilliput and white screen

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  • Problem with Lilliput and white screen

    Finally got all the components of the carputer back together last night, including new OPUS 150, camera, etc...

    I have the lilliput running off 12V supply with OPUS.

    Last night I started and shut off the unit at least 10 times with no problems.

    On the way to work, i decided to capture my first vid - at this point, everthing was running over an hour... a couple of seconds after I pushed the capture button, screen went white. turning monitor off and on makes everything work normal. If I reboot, screen goes white again - then turn the monitor off and on, and everything is normal. Did this several times to test.

    I did a search and found alot of links about the ribbon cable being bad, but it seems odd that repowering the monitor makes the problem go away...

    One more detail. This monitor has the button panel shorted so it turns on when power is applied.

    Any ideas?

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    started the carputer 3 more times, and all is normal. Don't know if I'm happy or sad