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  • touch screen size

    I am going to get some Touch screen soon.

    With these car media software.

    What size should I buy. ( 7 , 8 , 10.4 )?

    is the buttons easy to touch on a 7"?

    what size do you have ? would you go bigger?

    I need to know how you feel about the size screen you got?

    I just don't want to buy to small of a screen. Then have to buy another one.

    I just want to make sure it is easy to use the menu.


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    It's more likely that the your screen size will be influenced the most by the physical application.
    <> Decide where in your auto your screen will likely be placed.
    <> Get the largest screen that will fit.
    + This will get you the best viewing experience
    ∙ You'll spend more time looking at your screen than fingering it.
    ∙ Button size is mostly a function of resolution and the app displaying buttons
    & Those that are 'touch screen' friendly have large enough buttons for the masses. --unless you have huge oak stumps for fingers --do you?
    ∙ You may feel a bit clunky at first w/ your screen and buttons. They're new.. you may be driving at the time. but in time, You'll get the feel for 'em.


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      I can fiberglass a place in my dash for the 10.4 ( form this site )

      That is a lot of screen to cover for security reasons.
      I'm going to cover the screen some way.

      But, do I need that big.

      I saw my friends Pioneer radio ( it 6.5 ).

      it works . But there are not a lot of button on the screen at one time.

      I don't have overy big figers.

      I just don't have any ideal at all about size needed.

      I just want to know if 7" was big enough for the buttons.
      and if people are happy using the 7" .

      I don't want to have to lean over to read the screen.

      I don't want to spend more money than I need to.
      I have alot of Car Mods I still need to do.

      But, I will spend what is need to get a good item.

      thanks for the response


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        Originally posted by Bump
        I can fiberglass a place in my dash for the 10.4 ( form this site )
        How big is you dash? youll have to know the dimensions of the lcd panel you intend to install and then determine if it will fit. There are many sizes of lcds avail, 6.5, 7, 8, 8.4, 10.4, 12 in differnt formats some wide screen some 4:3, you really need to know as grepzen said what the size of the space you have to work with is first, and then see what fits.

        Plenty of people here use 7" inch screens (infact the majority) and most of the softwares buttons are designed for this size screen. So I doubt that it would be too small, but if you want larger, well... then the question is what will fit?
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          Originally posted by grepzen
          You'll spend more time looking at your screen than fingering it.
          That's just funny
          01001101010100000011001101000011011000010111001000 1000000101001001101111011000110110101101110011