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TV-out only displays video in black & white, black borders on top & bottom, HELP!

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  • TV-out only displays video in black & white, black borders on top & bottom, HELP!

    Background: Intel Celeron 2.4 w/ Soyo SY-P4RC350 Motherboard running to a 7" TM-702L Indash TFT LCD with composite input. The Soyo SY-P4RC350 Motherboard has integrated on-board s-video AND composite out.

    Goal: What I want to do is go straight from the composite out on the motherboard to the composite input on the LCD.

    Problem: I only get black and white video feed. Starting straight from BIOS post through bootup and while in windows.

    I also get a black border on top and bottom of the screen, running 800x600. Tried Powerstrip to run at 720x480 and get the same results.

    What I've tried:The BIOS has been flashed, the latest ATI 9100 IGP drivers have been installed and it's clearly a motherboard, or LCD issue. I have used multiple cables with the same results and since it's composite to composite, it can't be a pin problem. The BIOS setting is for NTSC (US), the driver setting is for NTSC (US). Same result, nearly nothing has worked. I have tried to plug it into my Sony TV to test the feed, it shows up as black and white, then it flickers from black and white to color, then once the drivers loads, it shows up as color.

    Questions: Is it a motherboard issue? Do I have a flaky TV-out? Could it be an LCD issue? I recently manually installed the touchscreen, could it be a cable was loose when I put it back together?

    Also how do I fix the black borders?

    Any other ideas, comments, suggestions? Please help, I do NOT want to install/buy a PCI gfx card.
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    Change the Format type in the bios Select NTSC if its available instead of NTSC-M

    Try different formats as 1 should work cause the NTSC doesn't always work for some reason

    So try that if it boots as colour then u change the driver in windows to that
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      you know... what i meant was NTSC, not NTSC-M

      i have tried EVERY setting in the BIOS, and I mean every setting, twice, still no avail, i am "fairly" sure it's a hardware issue
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        well apparantly NTSC is the same thing as NTSC-M

        anyways, bttt, i need some help

        looks like i'll have to swing for a cheap AGP low profile power color 9200 to fix this issue... <sigh>

        i can't believe no one has come across this before.
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          bttt, anyone?
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            sounds like monitor drivers, it seems like its not detecting your screen and is installing a b&w driver
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              it can't be monitor drivers since the BIOS post is in b&w
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                I have the same screen, it does colour with pal or ntsc.
                I use a geforce2 to run mine with an app called tv tool (nvidia only) and that solved the borders problem for me.


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                  well it turned out it was exactly what i thought it was... the motherboard... the ATI 9100 IGP onboard video was sending some wierd signal to the LCD that wasn't recognized i guess, it's a shame that ATI 9100 IGP doesn't properly display or send the STANDARD NTSC signal...

                  I ended up getting a powercolor 9200se low profile agp card and the TV out works flawlessly, it's just now i'm getting the black borders still on the top and bottom of the screen.

                  ATI Control Panel doesn't work, and the overscan feature works, but then some of the borders of the dekstop are off the screen and you can't adjust overscan....

                  Anyone have any recommendations on how to fix the borders on top and bottom of the screen for ATI cards???

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                    The only times that I have seen this happen were from the actual Rca or SVIDEO cables. Have you tried a different cable?
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                      my screen displays in black n white using nvadia 5900,
                      i thought it was the damn power, i guess now i know its the video card
                      gonna try different video cards today..


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                        TM-702L 7" LCD doesn't have s-video it's only composite, from what i've read composite isn't bidirectional so the computer can't easily detect TV's attached, unlike when you use an s-video connection, but that's not an option for me with the TM-702L.

                        ^in response to your 5900, it may be a number of issues. for me it was the motherboard (ATI 9100 IGP chipset) it could be your cable, a setting in the BIOS, a driver issue, who knows.

                        Still no response as to what to do about the black borders on the top and bottom of the screen, huh?
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