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Blurry Xenarc Problem

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  • Blurry Xenarc Problem

    So i've read up on this and I'm wondering if this is a solveable problem.

    Xenarc 7" touchscreen
    MII1200000 with stock video, i think the most current drivers.

    So i'm stuck running [email protected]

    it doesn't look bad.. But when i put on an extension cord (any vga extension, i even tried a hommeade one, all lengths), The picture gets blurrier. It's still usable, but fairly noticable.

    Anyone seen this or have any idea if it's solveable?

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    Did you run the auto adjust feature on the LCD?


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      Yup.. repeatedly..


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        I would try a high quality monitor extension cable. Most likely you are trying a thin cable with poor insulation.


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          Any recommendations? Preferably with a store?


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            The one i'm using is from Radio Shack, but they are expensive. Just go into any computer store and you should be able to tell how good they are insulated by their thickness.


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              Look at the official Xenarc extension cable.


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                If you notice, VGA only has 15 pins yet the cord is very thick. The reason for this is because of all the shilding around each wire. The farther you go the more the signals are mixed and the final product (at the monitor) becomes more blurry.

                Buying a higher end VGA cable is probably the best way to go.
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                  I'll give it a shot.. I tested with a custom made shielded cat6 cable similiar to the ones I use for my Home theater setup.. They're good for extremely long runs (35 feet is what i'm using).
                  I made a 5 footer, and it was blurry..

                  I'll try a high end store bought one..


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                    Originally posted by Lord_Pall

                    I'll try a high end store bought one..
                    That's were I just got mine
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