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Setup...look good for purchase?

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  • Setup...look good for purchase?

    I was thinking about buying this setup, as its rather cheap.

    All that i was worried about was that the screen is 250 CDM or whatever the brightness stuff is..

    THAT, and the fact of the sound card. I wanted to have the carputer setup with NO head unit. All i wanted to do was have a 4 channel amp hooked up to my components and 6x9s in the back. You think this sound card will make my system sound good? i really dont wana settle for less than what my bose system has now u know?

    any thoughts or sudjestions b4 i buy will be nice

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    THat looks like a linitx touchscreen. There's a review of it here somewhere. The whole package looks pretty good to me and comparable to what I have (1.2ghz celeron laptop). At times, my laptop can be a little doggish, but it's not bad.
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      damn i just realized the PC has no

      I guess it shouldnt be too much to upgrade...

      what about the sound quality tho since im not gona have a headunit n all..?


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        I wouldn't buy anything from that vendor.
        Look up their EBay rating and the rating on before you even consider purchasing from them.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          I was about, asked about it on here, and got nothing but bad reviews.

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            I used one of those computers in my car. It ran great, but I could not get rid of the buzzing in the speakers for the life of me. It is too compact so everything being so close to the audio connections was causing an unbearable humm. NO it was not a grounding or power issue, I hooked up a different computer now and all is good.
            Anyway, I agree with everyone else. Nothing but bad from that seller.
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              Don't buy ANYTHING from I have personally been screwed by them. Most of their merchandise is junk, and they don't stand behind their products. Ignore their flashy photochpopped images. What you see isn't what you get.

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