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Liliput in cold weather?

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  • Liliput in cold weather?

    I'm pretty interested in putting a liliput touchscreen monitor in my car and was planning on getting it installed indash but how do these hold up in cold weather. I live in Minnesota and right now its about -10 and am affraid that i would put alot of money into my car just to see the screen get distroyed. What have you guys found out?
    2001 Dodge Stratus ES Project

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    i have a xenarc and in the cold (around 10-20 F) the screen is pretty much useless until the lcd warms up. but when it is first turned on the screen is really dim and hard to look at. the lcd is just out of its operating specs so until it gets back into the temps is needs to be in it will not work right
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      It's all not so bad. After a night freezing my lilliput turns green and is very dim when i start my car. But whitin 5 mins all is restored to normal.


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        Same for me. My Lilliput is really dim for a few minutes but then it's fine.


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          good deal. thanks for the input.
          2001 Dodge Stratus ES Project