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  • need a little imput

    so i been having my carputer in my car for a while now.. the funny part is that my lilliput screen die even before i got to put in my car..and i didnt have money to get another one..but now i'm ready to get one..can i get some im put on what to get other then the good would it work with say a clarion high res screen with svideo out?

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    I have heard the xenarc/gain monitor is a better choice , that's what I'm saving for.
    You can get it in the store...


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      wow, worst spelling of 'input' i've ever seen
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        Obviously by your spelling you have a learning deficiency of some sort so .. Let me see if I can help. Maybe you should consider buying a better quality monitor like the xenarc I here they are on sale right here on this web site...
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