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Am I wiring things correctly??

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  • Am I wiring things correctly??

    Hi everyone,

    I am still trying to make the Intec PSOne LCD work. Here is a quick update on my progress. I found datasheets for the base LCD module of this unit. I built the C-Sync circuit found on Starfox's website. I have the lastest Powerstrip downloaded and installed (3.56). So now the tweaking part comes in. I hooked things up, and used the ATI Rage Pro integrated video card. I could get the screen powered up and to show pixels of color, but never anything close to an image of the desktop.

    I noticed that I could never get the same initial timings as M Pro or Starfox on their PSOne LCD. So I started to dig on Powerstrips site forum and discovered that Powerstrip, any version, doesn't support this card. The earliest card it supports is the ATI Rage128.

    I just so happen to have a 128 lying around at work, with a 9 inch CRT. So I set up a test pc with powerstrip and the CRT close by. What do you know, things worked, on 640x480i (arcade version). So I am pretty sure its the card that is holding me up.

    Anyway, what I wanted to get from this forum is your suggestions about how the circuit and LCD should be wiring to the VGA. Here is what I have and know so far.

    LCD: Has inputs for Red, Blue, Green @ 75 ohms. Which is the exact output of the respective VGA pins. It also takes 12 volt positive and negative. The last 2 pins, I don't know what they do, but are labeled on the datasheet as "MODE1" and "MODE2".

    I basically follow the same diagram for hooking up the C-Sync circuit with some minor changes. I get my +5 volt from a power molex off the PSU. I use the same molex negative connection as the ground for the circuit, as I don't know if the card I am using has the DCC pin active.

    Do you think this is a good choice?

    I also run the -Red, -Blue and -Green to this same ground, because the only ground on the LCD is 12 volt.

    Where should I be connecting the RGB grounds too, if at all?

    Thanks in advances for your suggestions.

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    ok i know i am bringing back a old topic but would it be possible to get the details on how you wired the cga cable and all in


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      is the PsOne LCD have higher resolution I thought it was like 200 * 150 (rough numbers)
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