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Newbie... please help me pick a screen

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  • Newbie... please help me pick a screen

    I know what i need but i dont know where to get it. What I am doing is putting a computer in my car. I need a screen that is about 8" wide viewable and 4:3 aspect ratio that will hook up to the computer mainboard. I need it color and decent enough to watch movies on. Touchscreen is not necessary, just something inexpensive would be great. Also I am planning on having it flush mounted in the dash so i would prefer a bare screen without a case or anything on it. I can provide a picture of where I am putting the screen if that would help, its going in a 97 Grand Prix. Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I have been looking at some laptop screens is it possible to hook one up to a desktop computer?

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    Short *can* use a laptop screen, but the module required to make them work is VERY expensive, and not easy for a first timer.

    Try a 8" Lilliput. Very few problems so far, 4:3, and cheap. The 7" units are 16:9 linkie
    2005 Ford Focus ST


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      Thanks for the help, sounds like using a laptop screen would be too much of a hassle. I looked on ebay for some 8" lilliput screen the size is perfect. Where is the best place to buy these cheap. I was hoping to find one for under $150.


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        Where in your Grand Prix are you going to put this (just curious) ?


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          Originally posted by animuL67
          8" lilliput.....was hoping to find one for under $150.

          I would be wary of buying on ebay - check the address ir is coming from as if you have to send it back for any reason and it came from far far away it could cost quite a bit.