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DVD black bars, resolution?

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  • DVD black bars, resolution?

    In watching DVDs, how do i get rid of the black bars. The 7" screen is WIDESCREEN but I'm guessing the resolution i'm using it 4:3 so its setting up with the same ratio so the movie image becomes really small on a 7" screen. I want to have those black bars iliminated, using pan&scan feature on powerdvd it just crops and distorts everything. I'm thinking this is a resolution issue? I only have 640x480, 800x600(which looks very bad), 1024x768(i currently use this, even though the icons are SUPER small).

    Is this one of those resolution issues to find 16:9 resolutions? I'm using on board video on the MII 10000 so am I stuck?

    My touchscreen is from Innovatek?? Can't find any info about it..its apparently a panasonic TFT. native res is 640x480.. but its labelled 7" widescreen TFT i figured they should atleast make it native 16:9.

    Anyone know?


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    turn off the keep aspect ratio and run in fullscreen mode, this will stretch the picture to your screen, mine is a 4:3 and it makes everyone seem really tall, it should work perfect on your 16:9 though


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      I do have the same screen as yours and I finally managed to get a resolution of 800X480 using Power Stripe. Which is 15/9.

      Off topic, did you have problem with it?