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Mounting the Xenarc in the dash

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  • Mounting the Xenarc in the dash

    Ok, got my Xenarc now. () Now I need to know how to mount it in the dash. A search turned up mostly people who were mounting on the dash in different areas. I have a double din factory headunit and want to put the Xenarc in its place. How does the unit stay in place? Will I need extra brackets for mounting it? Are there any write-ups on how to do it?
    Thanks for the help.
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    Talk to Altimat. I know his car is a different year, but he should have some good ideas... or do a search for your car. I've seen the Altima dash around here with an LCD in it somewhere around here, so somebody has definitely done it before.

    I've taken apart my Maxima dash a million times already, and I can tell you that there's a LOT of stuff back there where you can mount the screen -- at least in my car. I think most people just fabricate the front of the bezel into the dash, then screw the back into the front and call it a day.


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      there are Three altima instals that I am aware of in 3ed gen altimas

      Altimat an one of the others installed theres above the radio where you have a cubby i think (mine has the vents there, in 05 they moved the vents to the side of the radio.

      There was another that installed a 6.5 screen (i think) from EarthLCD where the radio is (was)

      Mine when done will also be where the radio is but is a larger 10.4"

      go to the advanced search feature and search the show off your project forum for altima they should all come up. some of the pics no longer work but pm altimat he could likely send you his and the other above the radio install was also done by him.

      hope this helps

      good luck!
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