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  • Quick question for any other members (LCD)

    I have a 7" liliput that is flush mounted into a cut up 1.5din radio trim bezel in a 98 Expedition, the montor face was glassed, textured and installed, the bottom of the monitor is flush with the rest of the "trim" with the top recessed about 1/4 of an inch. Needless to say, cant see **** most of the time. I air sawed the dash behind the trim, now I have a HUGE hollow area, with the ability to recess the entire screen as much as 3 inches. However, during the build, the TS film on the original liliput got superglue on it, and now has a nice build up I cant get off, a new one was ordered even before the initial build was textured and dyed. Most of the testing was done after work at night, silly me, anyways, before I start hacking at the replacement Radio Trim bezel (not cheap), and even though Im going to recess it, I thought I might visit the age old question about brightness. I did some research elsewhere, and found a small following of users starting to hype the NEW Dynamix 706 7" Ultra-Bright TS (Brightness Rating 400cd/mē, although no differentiation between before TS film or as it is sold) which replaces the more common 705 TS. The new Xenarc sight leads one to believe that the newest 700TSV now includes (snipits from the site follow):

    Upgraded High-Brightness CCFL *New*
    Anti Glare Coating *New*

    boasting a 400cd/mē before touchscreen and a 280 cd/mē after. HOWEVER
    the retail xenarc sight, has these key points missing from the specifications, and boast the same 400cd/mē, but a 300cd/mē with overlay. And want 200.00 us more for the "30% to 70%" (VERY VAUGE, at least list average cd/mē gains) upgrade, while the sight leads one to believe that now the 700TSV has the upgraded CCFL and AntiGlare coating.

    Anyways, the Dynamix 706 WITH ultrabright sells for 280.00 (and they do sell Xenarc as well, the claim they manufacture the 706 themselfs as a almost equal equivilent to the Xenarc), the same xenarc with ultrabright would cost 600.00 or so, Just need some more info from anyone who might have one of these, since liliput and most all the other 7"TS I have searched for specs on, DONT even list the cd/mē numbers, I can only assume because they are inferior with low brightness features. The fact that the dynamix is listing specifications that even go into more detail than the xenarc might be my misleading, but seems like a company willing to tell the truth because they realize Xenarc owns this market and they might have a product worthy.

    More than likley, the monitors 3" recession would be more than enough and provide the needed brightness (I also think anyone who hasnt installed their monitor yet, should consider slightly twisting it so that you can get a better straight look at it, 40% of my brightness issues leave when I move my body to the center of the SUV and look dead on, but I dygress), but when your refabricating, why not ask the experts, I got plenty of help from all you kick *** members, but one thing, mounting in the factory Ford Expedition stereo location is VERY high in the dash, lots of ambient light.

    Hell I might even be able to fit a 8" in there, but the 7" seems "proportional" and all the "ultrabright" technology seems fitted to the 7" series. The liliput and the Xenarc all allow multiple touchscreen installs, (and why not, a vga splitter and we have all had more than 1 usb mouse on a system) so I can upgrade the headrest monitors or place a rear compartment mounted t/s for controls when the rear is open at tailgates.

    Comments please.
    (I'm doing this backwards, as now I head to the "Search: dynamix AND 7" to see if some of this has already been answered.

    Thanks again team...


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    If you want to get the right Xenarc from somewhere cheaper (eg the mp3car shop) then jsut make sure it has the right button colour as they changed the button colour on the newer models with improved brightness. The Xenarc also have anti-glare which can help. There are some Xenarc/lilliput comparisons in the LinITX review.

    And befroe you ask i can't remember what colour the buttons are on the new model but i read it somewhere here.

    hope this helps


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      Just did a search on ebay and the dynamix screen is the LinITX one. There is a nice lttle review including comparisons with the Xenarc here:


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        Thanks, thats what I was looking for...


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          Originally posted by septicdeath
          Thanks, thats what I was looking for...

          You're welcome.