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Armen, 701 Default Resolution, anyone else help?

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  • Armen, 701 Default Resolution, anyone else help?

    Right after a year of constructing the case i finally installed the computer in the car today and it worked a good start.

    I have some problems with the composite output to my digitalww 701 7" tft. The first boot it did not fill the screen. I am currently running 800x600, i tried 848x480 i think with my M10000 runnning bios 1.16 and new vga driver, by the way be warned when updating the bios on the board it is very fussy on memory, i did it and it would not boot went and bought some pc world pc2700 RAM as opposed to the PC2100 and it booted thank god for that!!!

    Anyway i playe around with the setting on the m10000 and i finally got it to display full screen, however whenever i reboot it changes them back

    There are a couple of check boxes on the new driver which i dont quite understand, like aspect ratio lock i tried adjusting it and tick and unticking it but still no joy.

    Has anyone out there got the m10000 working with the new driver and a 701 or similar screen, what resolution are you running? What options in the advanced setting have you got.

    ANy help greatly appreciated

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