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Xenarc design flaw or ignorance on my part?

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  • Xenarc design flaw or ignorance on my part?

    So i got the entire carpc installed.

    Xenarc is installed beautifully in dash (i had someone else do it)

    It's fllush, and molded into the dashboard.

    All I see is the screen. I do NOT have access to the front buttons. This is because i made the assumption that the xenarc would auto adjust the picture to fit the screen.

    It was running beautifully.
    [email protected] which the xenarc sees as 8X6 and scales perfectly.

    I rebooted

    Now any res that's not 8X6X75 works great.

    800X600X75 is off center by 50%. All i see is half of the screen.

    if i change the refresh to force it to change, it shows correctly, then resets the picture to be correct again.

    I think hitting auto picture would fix this, but that means destroying all of the dash work that's already done to rig up new buttons.

    Any ideas?

    I'm running onboard video on an mII12000.

    If it REQUIRES access to the auto picture button to work correctly, well then the xenarc has a pretty big flaw...

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    well, i don't think there are any other options unless someone else has a different idea. I personally go thru the menu subsystem to make the xenarc re-align the screen if it starts offsetting.

    One thing you can try to see if it'll stop the problem from occuring is to run in native resolution 800x480 or whatever it is.


    Car'Puter Project
    - Xenarc 700TSV
    - MSI RS482M-IL Mobo + AMD Turion MT-32 (25W)
    - 1x 256MB Corsair XMMS DDR400
    - M2-ATX
    - Belkin 802.11G W-Nic
    - Garmin 15H GPS
    - WinXP SP2 (NLited)


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      Try 60hz
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      It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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        60 runs at 800X480 which is badly clipped .

        I'm using the onboard video right now which can't do anything other than that..

        I'll investigate some more.. I installed powerstrip but didn't change anything, and it realigned itself, but i Haven't pushed the issue..

        I've got to pull the sound card today so i'll have a spare pci slot.. I think i'll try to find a radeon card as a replacement..


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          go into your bios and change the settings in there, remember something about lcd display or somethiing, this needs to be set.
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            Yup. done that as well.. No dice..