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    Does anyone know of a way to increase the brightness of a lcd screen. My car does have tinted windows, but in the daylight I can barely see my screen. Here's an example photo. Is it the backlight ot something else I should be looking at? The picture looks better than what I see for some reason btw.

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    The picture looks brighter then it does to you because the camera can use a longer exposure time. But that is for another forum. There isn't much you can do to make it brighter. The safest way is to do what I did and remove the touch screen. It helps slightly but mainly helped with the glare and fuzziness. If you can't live without the touch screen, then this won't help of course.

    The brightness is from the CCFL tubes behind the LCD. Running the monitor at a slightly higher input voltage will make it slightly brighter but is not recommended unless you want to buy a new monitor soon. Putting in a backlight with more or brighter CCFL tubes would be nice but I haven't seen anything better then what is already in there.
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      I don't think 'brighness' is the problem, contrast is the problem. Some screens have better anti-reflective coatings and just better contrast in the screen. Not too much you can do about it IMHO.


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        Set it further back into your dash. or extend the area around the screen out just a bit to keep the sun off of it. I'm getting ready to do the same with mine, but it's gonna be a little harder for me.

        Try RevFE
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          Thanks for the replys.


          My contrast issue all depended on what carpc/skin I was using. My contrast problem was improved by developing my own carpc software. I needed something fast, streamlined and worked the way I wanted it to. This has greatly improved readability.

          I'll see how far I can inset it into the dash. That should help a little.
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            There is a backlight in the LCD, that you theoretically could replace with a brighter light source. Most LCD's are this setup, a backlight behind the lcd panel.

            I wouldn't recommend taking apart expensive gear to try this though. Maybe on a $30 panel or something, not a lilliput or anything
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              Thanks for the help. I'll research other methods.
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                Actually it is possible to use a LED technology for a Brighter more effecient Backlight.

                When we are done with the radio project we will be looking at converting the lilliput backlight into a sunlight readable screen by simply replacing the backlight with arrays of LED's...

                Seth is the one who thought this one up.

                Here are a couple of links about using LED technology
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                  BTW i would like to see some pictures of your Dash i noticed we a have the same car
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                    I spent most of the day screwing around with a pulse width modulated setup using a cheapo 555 timer... I am thinking that I want to slightly up the input voltage above the design spec, shouldn't be an issue, but I'm thinking that 1/2 a volt or so should make a ton of difference...

                    my goal is to build a light sensitive setup, so that as the ambient light goes up, the screen brigtness will adjust accordingly... so for not I have an off the shelf photocell and a circuit designed to build from 12v in ultimate brightness to 8V in absolute darkness... I know the inverter has an inline fuse that will be bypassed, but I will wait until next week to bust it all open... the circuit works great in Elec Workbench, but that's all theory... I am a MechEng, not an Elec... so this is a bit foreign to me, but my effort and desire is there, so I will see this through... I have some support at work, so this should be "non" risky...

                    I'm thinking about $8 to 10 and a few hours work to have a perfect backlight... you can easily have the backlight dim with the headlight switch but this doesn't help in tunnels or fog, or daytime, etc....
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                      Hi Omar, bit off the topic but, what front end are you running, i am looking for somthing just like yours for my car pc.. Thanks!
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                        It's something I developed. Requirements are WinXP and >= Windows Media Player 9. If you (or anyone for that matter) wants it, I'll be more than happy to post it. It's still a work in progress, but it's constantly being worked on everyday. Let me know if you want it.
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