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  • Video looks chunky

    I notice a huge diff. between my Desktop CRT video quality and the one from my Xenarc. Same video, same resolution, same program. On my CRT everything is perfect but when i play it on the Xenarc the video looks all chunky, especialy on shinning light. If someone doesn't understand what i mean, i will post pictures. The diff. is very obvious.
    Is there a way to correct this?


    For those who saw my previous edit, it was just my imagination playing tricks on me.
    Still the same problem

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    yeah got the same problem
    ..and dont back out just because u think its too crazi , i hate pussies

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      Post pictures
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        I think I know what you are talking about. You can see a "line" where where there is a slight change in color/brightness, right?

        This is more or less the difference between a CRT (analog) and an LCD (digital). Though, there are much better LCDs than a Xenarc, where the difference is not as noticeable.

        I believe the Xenarc is a 6-bit LCD. What that means is that the data for each sub-pixel has 6 bits. In binary thats a number from 000000 to 111111, in decimal that 0 to 63. the sub-pixel can then "open" to 64 different positions from black to full brightness of whatever color it is. A pixel is made up of 3 sub-pixels, one red, one green, and one blue. This gives you a possible 262,144 diferent colors (64red*64blue*64green=262,144).

        An 8-bit panel could display 256 different shades with each sub-pixel, and ~16.8 million different colors. This is enough so that the human eye won't notice the slight changes in color that you are seeing.

        Most panels these days are 6-bit, but can do something called dithering. This is basically switching the color quickly back and forth between two shades, which kind of gives you extra colors. At least it appears to the eye as if it is a shade in between. I think that whenever you see a monitor that advertises 16.2 million colors (vs. 16.8 for true 8-bit color), it is dithering a 6-bit panel.


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          Look on the cheek on both monitors and you should see the diffrence i'm talking about

          I think eCar is right about this one


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            so there is no fxing this ! its just tuff damnit and I thought spending 400 on a screen would leave crap like this...
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              bringing the dead back

              it's just something you'll have to live with until they come out with a better vga car screen