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xenarc touchscreen not working

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  • xenarc touchscreen not working

    I had it working for a while and ended up having to reformat and resinstall everything, now when I try to install it never gets the windows logo test message like it's suposed to, finishes the install, once it reboots and gets back into to windows it pops up with an error saying driver not installed, when I plug in the USB cable it doesn't auto run the found new hardware wizard, I can manualy get it added and windows device manager see's it, however even still it pops up with that driver not installed error on reboot, if I run the touchkit program and try to add the panel it says no more controlers. I have the VIA USB 2.0 drivers installed and windows XP PS1.
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    i had the same problem.did u try diff usb ports? .i had to uninstall the new via usb 2.0 drivers. along with all the drivers for windows and let them reinstall them on a restart? thats the only way i could fix.though there might be another way.
    ..and dont back out just because u think its too crazi , i hate pussies

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      I had tried another USB port and it did the same thing, got it working though, ended up having to download the install from xenarc's site, remove the old install and then use the one I downloaded and it worked fine, not sure why the one on the CD it came with stopped working though since it worked fine the last 4-5 installs I did.
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        Try downloading the latest TouchKit drivers from Xenarc.
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