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Xenarc/Intel 865gl no 800x480 resolution

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  • Xenarc/Intel 865gl no 800x480 resolution

    Hey I got my new Xenarc 7TSV and with my intel 865gl I cant seem to get the 800x480 resolution. I have tried the powerstrip program and havent had much success. Has anyone gotten this to work with the Intel 865GL chipset?

    Or is everyone prettymuch running the 800x600?

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    Can't be done. Intel chipsets don't support custom refresh rates.
    Buy a cheap NVidia.
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      Even some cheap Nvidias I've tried don't do that res either. Before you buy a vid card CHECK online the card's specs.
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        Well looks like I am SOL than on this carputer...Its has onboard video, no SLOTS...all usb. SO looks like I stick with 800x600...thanks for info