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Xenarc brighter model introduction date?

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  • Xenarc brighter model introduction date?

    Hi all, I am just wonderign when Digitalww introduced the upgraded Xenarc screen into their standard in-dash screen (the panasonic based one).

    The Xenarc website states that the upgraded model was the 2003 model but poeple on here didnt seemt o start getting them until april 2004. Digitalww seem to just buy the lcd and controllers separate from the casing etc so iwondered if anyone could remember when they introduced the brighter model.

    An approximate date would be good but if anyone got one of these screen (the pull out Xenarc/panasonic) one last year could you tell me when.



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    Anyone? could really do with an answer ASAP if anyone has got one as digtalww is closed at weekends.


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      8.31.04 - Our famous Indash Touch Screen LCDs are up for grabs:
      DWW-7VGT - Click Here For Details
      DWW-7VGA (400 nits) - Click Here For Details

      Our DWW-7VGA has finally been updated with a new 400 nit Panasonic LCD panel. Once again we are using GAIN/Xenarc Module and the results are amazing. With this addition we now have 2 great in-dash Touch Screen VGA Monitors. In addition we are still the only shop in the world that offers such a product.