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SOLUTION: PSone to VGA - adapter avail in ZA

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  • SOLUTION: PSone to VGA - adapter avail in ZA

    Hi all

    Here in South Africa we got the ideal solution for using a PSOne screen for a carputer....

    U can get a PSone console, and LCD in a combo with one dualshock controller and all cables (excl car power adapter) for about R990 (that's about $165)

    We also have a a device sold locally as a "Chronos Encoder4" for R628 ($104)

    it plugs into any VGA and converters any resolution to Composite output...

    Whick means, even ur boot error messages caused by the bios - easy to see when it happens....

    Quality the same is doing a VGA mod....

    Just thought i'd make u all jealous u not living here in South Africa

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    I see nothing to be jelous about

    PSOne's are old hat, odds are we've all got a screen with AV-in anyway.......

    A million people can't be wrong, right?

    Well... unless they're all from the red states...


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      $269 just to get a low quality image on a small lcd? (oh yeah, and a ps1 of course lol)
      Radio**** (I'm sure any other elec. store will have em too) has a vga->composite converter for like $90?

      But for $269 overall just to get a small lcd with composite image you could get a 7" Lilliput VGA touch for $10 more (minus shipping of course) from mp3car's store.

      ...and there was a thread here awhile ago about hooking the ps1's lcd controller directly to vga for free(?) with some fairly good for more info.


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        I have both PSOne LCD with VGA mod and the Lilliput w/TS. If you look at the 2 screens on my 2 setups. You will go with the PSOne for it picture quality. I can read at direct sunlight. The only problem is that it is small.
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