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800x600 wont display right on my xenarc

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  • 800x600 wont display right on my xenarc

    I had to reinstall windows on my carputer and I did it in my house with my normal crt monitor. Now when i moved to my car on my xenarc, the 800x600 displays wrong. I can not see 25% of my dekstop. Like the start button is below my sight and im unable to see it.

    If i switch to 1024x760 or any other resolution, my entire desktop is viewable.

    Now i know i had it set on 800x600 before i had to reinstall windows, so i dont know what the deal is.

    Should the monitor be 'default' or should it be displaying some type of xenarc name?
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    You need to change the display settings on the monitor itself. Just use the controls on the r\front of the LCD


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      solved my own problem. For some reason 800x600 on 60 refresh and the screen sets itself to 800x480 with the bottom half chopped off.

      But if i set it too 800x600 with 75 refresh, it displays fine. Weird
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        i had the same problem =)